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This is Complete Fysio Fitness

Updated: May 3, 2023

When I started CFF the initial idea was to specialize in athlete recovery. injured top athletes needed to stay fit during rehab so that they could return to sport stronger and fitter than before.That is how I specialized in performance training and studied sport psychology to add on to my role as a physiotherapist and fitness trainer. I would not only take injured people to a Zero level (no pain). I would take them further to make them stronger mentally and physically on to a Plus level. Hence the name COMPLETE FysioFitness. I offer a complete rehab. physically, mentally and functionally. This concept was a nice idea and could have worked in a highly specialized setting. When I started CFF I was still doing professional sports and working as a trainer and coach on the side. When I made the switch to work full time I got the opportunity to work in a commercial gym as a physio. I brought my PT clients and started seeing all sorts of patients. Both from inside and outside of the gym. When it came to my vision and idea for what CFF would represent, it took a little while to really find my footing in this setting. I did not only work with athletes. It became more physiotherapy and lifestyle for people who wish to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. So here we are. I wear sweats and caps at work sometimes. I wear T shirts instead of polos. I have R n B tunes playing on the speaker. I have Dragonball posters on the wall. I treat and advice all who want help. I stay honest with my ability and never afraid to refer. My treatments are not soft and I expect a lot from my patients. I focus on active recovery and we train a lot. I work in a gym with access to all the weights bars racks and equipment that I need. I focus on educating and informing my clients to the best of my ability. I run a health business not a money business. All who want my help are welcome. This video tried to capture the essence of what is CFF.

Video created by @_mr._m.r._

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