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Who am I?

My name is Kim Are Killingberg. I was born in 1986 in Trondheim, Norway.

My journey in this business started 20 years ago when I started working in a gym in my home town. I started in the reception, and combined fitness and Olympic weightlifting with squash and soccer at the time. Working in the fitness industry also allowed me to attend some coaching courses, which fit perfectly with studying in sports college for 3 years. Sports College gave me an introduction to anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology both theoretically and practically.

After turning 18, I did my one year army service and went on to work in a sports facility in Stavanger as a reception manager, personal trainer and coach. I was here able to attain more certificates within training and sports, working closely with the Norwegian Powerlifting Team. This is where I also decided to push my squash career and went quickly from no20 in Norway to no1 on the national ranking.


To improve further in my squash career I had to make the move abroad, so I made the transition to Amsterdam in 2009 to train with the dutch national squad. At the same time I attended the European School of Physioterapy. This added more in-depth knowledge of the human body and taught me more specifics about injury prevention and treatment. I was one of the lucky few that got to specialize in sports medicine from the start.

I was fortunate enough to gain great experience from internships all over the world. The one that stood out for me was my period at Aspetar (World leading sport medical hospital in the world). Here I was able to follow endless extra courses to further add on to my resume (sports medicine, anatomy, ultrasound, performance training, ACL rehab, sports physiotherapy +++)

After returning from Qatar, I played fulltime as a professional squash player. I started CFF the same year (2013) so that I could do some coaching on the side for a little extra income. After a total of 10 national titles to my name and a highest world ranking of 160 I was forced to retire from squash and from there I could fully focus on my business.

I started working with Fitness 365 in Alphen aan den Rijn, working with a variety of modalities, including Dryneedling. After seeing the unbelievable results it delivered, I quickly did more practical research and soon made it a specialty and my modality of choice for pain management and muscle health. I completed an official course via Optimal Dry Needling Solutions as a part of my specializing. Still exercise therapy was (and is) the foundation, the Alpha and Omega of physiotherapy. For 90% of what I do, that will still be the foundation as well as the finishing touch.

The success of the treatments ranked me constantly in the top 2 physiotherapists in Alphen aan den Rijn from 2015 all the way until present day (2023). The combination of Dryneedling and exercise therapy,  with a deep understanding of functional biomechanics, feel like a golden ticket when it comes to functional physiotherapy and pain management. The concept works and I am very glad I am able to help people as well as I can. Especially those with decades (!!) of pain who have not had a pain free day before they try this treatment. I am however, very aware that I know still very little when it comes to the big picture of things. That is why I study hard every year to continuously develop and improve on my craft.

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