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Personal Training

CFF Specialize in functional performance in individuals or groups who want to get the most out of training, but who suffer from limitations. This include injuries, pains, niggles, rehabilitation or chronic limitations (paralysis, missing limbs, chronic fatigue, new hips/knees, lack of motivation etcetc). This experience comes from 20 years of studying, as well as practicing what I study. That include sports medicine, applied anatomy, functional biomechanics, top sport performance and orthopedic rehabilitations


Do you need a medical specialist to oversee your training?

Then CFF is for you

Do you have injuries/pain that you would like to rehabilitate while you get fitter?

CFF is the place to go to

Do you want to improve your physical abilities in your sports performance

Then CFF is definitely for you  

CFF offers personal training for 75€ per 1 hour session. A duo training comes in at 120€ per hour and group trainings up to 8 people per group cost 160€ per hour. Get in contact for a informal talk about how we best can help you reach your goals.

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